Russian Federation researched American politics from 'House of Cards'

Lester Mason
October 17, 2017

The man, identified as Maksim and appearing with his face blacked out, told independent Russian TV station Dozhd that he was part of a government-sponsored Internet Research Agency - a group of trolls paid to "set up the Americans against their own government", Yahoo News reports. "It was necessary to know all the main problems of the United States of America".

Maksim, who said he worked for the company around 18 months and quit in early 2015, said his department was tasked with stirring up dissatisfaction against the US government and harming the election chances of Democrat Hillary Clinton by writing in the comment sections of major American media outlets, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. "We had a goal to set up the Americans against their own government", he says.

"Maksim" says he worked for the agency during 2015, the year before the election, when it was already focusing its attention on Clinton.

Employees were required to watch "House of Cards" as a way to learn about American politics and to improve their English. During an interview broadcast on Sunday, Maksim said that he tried using his comments to "lower" Obama's ratings and reminding Americans of Clinton family scandals.

The Washington Post had reported that the Google ads are linked to a different Russian troll farm than the one linked to Facebook - an indication that the breadth of the Russia campaign is greater than previously known. "Tax problems, the problem of gays, sexual minorities, weapons".

"At the beginning, they made us watch "House of Cards" in English", Maksim said.

The Netflix show, features Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright and depicts a more ruthless White House than historically accurate.

"When it was gays, we nearly always had to bring out the religious themes ... you had to write that sodomy is a sin. That could always get you a couple of dozen 'likes'".

Facebook handed over 3,000 ads it said purchased by the company to the Senate and House intelligence committees that are investigating Russia's alleged interference in the election.

He said, "Neither Russia nor Putin could be mentioned. They basically don't care about Russian Federation and Putin".

Sunday's interview came amid mounting reports that Russian trolls used social media in apparent attempts to influence USA politics and the 2016 election. These cases involved in Internet Research Agency and other "troll factories'".

Both Facebook and Twitter have turned over information to congressional investigators about how Russians used their platforms.

One even explicitly went after Donald Trump, who USA intelligence has concluded that Russian Federation favored.

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