'Supergirl' Season 3 Episode 2 Spoilers: Girl of Steel to Battle Psi

Lester Mason
October 17, 2017

Ahead of tonight's episode, titled "Triggers", McGrath opened up further on the Lena/Morgan feud, her character's relationship with Supergirl and Kara, and was Reign will add to the mix as audiences get to know the new supervillain throughout the season. While there are issues with this, it's interesting to see a more complex side to the Girl of Steel. We didn't get to hear Maggie's response but we're assured that'll be addressed quickly in the season premiere. Unfortunately, we know Floriana Lima isn't available all season, so it seems that may not last. Her role was described as a thief with psychic powers. Hypable revealed that Alex and Kara Danvers will be the core of "Triggers".

Mon-El showed up in the season premiere, but only in a dream.

The fact that it is in flux, it means Lena will do anything she can to fix it.

This episode we're also introduced to new long-term villain, Morgan Edge. He's your typical creepy misogynist who talks at people instead of to them. Lena retaliated by buying CatCo before Edge could acquire the company, and poked the proverbial hornet's nest in the process.

But Lena will be woefully unaware that her business practices are unnerving to James, as she genuinely comes to CatCo with an eagerness to learn.

Now this episode looks to exploring more about Samantha's life. Edge isn't happy, but I already live to see him unhappy, so it's fine. Well, if she gets her job back, which seems likely to happen this episode. I think that's where their relationship is at the beginning of this season: "Lena's waiting for Kara to ask for help".

Meanwhile, Alex was busy preparing for her wedding. It's a great thing to bring up, because where is Jeremiah anyway?

Standout moment of this episode was Alex asking J'onn to walk her down the aisle. There's a ceremony at the waterfront to unveil a new statue of Supergirl, but of course, it's the prime target for Bloodsport. Supergirl saves the day in a very badass way by finding Bloodsport underwater in a submarine and pushing the torpedo they fire back inside.

On the other hand, Lena Luthor purchased Catco in the previous episode.

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