New Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Details and Trailer Revealed

Doris Richards
October 18, 2017

The Ultra Recon Squad came from another world through the Ultra Wormhole.

When simply comparing the volume of the scenario, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon is about twice that of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's story is apparently much more in-depth than we would expect, with more post-game content than Sun and Moon, twice the amount of story, and more to do than in other "enhanced editions" like Emerald. Also, the player will traverse Ultra wormholes throughout the game to visit different worlds, an activity that appears to involve the new "Ultra Warp Ride" mechanic which, based on the trailer, might involve riding legendary Pokémon through the wormholes.

You can change the fate of Alola yourself, alongside plenty of familiar faces, when Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon launch on November 17th. One of the Pokemon players can encounter is Mewtwo. Hell, most of the Pokemon game stories wrapped up well before you even thought about taking on the Elite Four, making the end game seem more busy work than anything else.

The clock is ticking, Pokemon trainers. What exactly are these secrets?

That's not all. Serebii reports that the latest version of Famitsu has even more details. We don't have any details apart from the information shared in the trailer above, but we'll keep an ear out for any information regarding brand new features like the Alola Photo Club.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon's Dusk Form Lycanroc. Dusk Form Lycanroc can learn both Accelerock and Counter, the former of which is a Rock-type physical move that always goes first, while the latter is a Fighting-type move that inflicts double the damage received by an opponent's physical attack. However there is still time for an announcement.

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