Xiaomi Mi A1 gets another update, still not Oreo

Doris Richards
October 18, 2017

Even Lenovo' subsidiary, Motorola is yet to release Android Oreo update to its smartphones. Already, brands such as Nokia, Sony, and Xiaomi (for the Mi A1) have confirmed the update will be released to its smartphones by the end of 2017.

But now, Lenovo switched to stock Android, and the update cycle should be faster, but that's the case though.

According to Lenovo's website, the K8 is expected to receive the update only in June 2018 which is approximately an eight-month wait for the update. On the plus side, however, the K8 series smartphones are the only ones in the Lenovo lineup to have been confirmed to receive the Oreo update. The Lenovo K8 Note was the first Lenovo smartphone to boot near stock Android, which is followed by its siblings- Lenovo K8 Plus and Lenovo K8. Even worse, if Google sticks to its usual timeline, Android P will be in beta and due for an August 2018 launch. Since all these smartphones run on Stock Android which doesn't take so much time for upgrades, it is still hard to believe that the company is taking so long to roll out the Oreo update.

No series other than the K8 is getting a taste of Android 8.0, another blot on Lenovo's spotty reputation when it comes to upgrades.

Lenovo K8 series was announced a couple of months back. Now we hope that it will actually deliver the Oreo update for these 3 phones (If it does not forget its promise in 9 months). All of these phones come with decent specifications including 3 to 4 GB RAM, dual 13 MP cameras, and 1080p screen resolution.

If you own the Lenovo K8, K8 Plus, or K8 Note, we have some good as well as bad news.

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