Frank Ocean Wins In Father's $14.5M Libel Lawsuit

Angelo Anderson
October 19, 2017

Frank Ocean on his own part argued that his post was true, adding that his father's suit did not provide sufficient claims to libel, and his father did not show how Frank's post professionally injured him. The lawsuit didn't have to do with his music but a much more personal issue. He had been seeking $14.5 million damages, claiming he had been deprived of "financial opportunities in film and music" because Ocean previous year on Tumblr discussed his dad's use of homophobic slurs.

Frank Ocean has come out victorious in the defamation lawsuit that his father, Calvin Cooksey, filed against him. He also accused Ocean of publishing "falsehoods" for "the financial success" of his recent album "Blonde", further describing him as "a fraud [who] only cared about making millions of dollars". In July, Ocean was scolded by federal judge Stephen V. Wilson, who threatened the "Novacane" singer with sanctions because Ocean's defense in the case was largely "devoid of any factual support". The judge sided with Ocean on the case during a daylong bench trial.

Ocean's allegedly called his father a "bigot" while recounting a childhood experience where his father allegedly called a transgender waitress "a f****t".

"That was the last afternoon I saw my father and the first time I heard that word, I think, although it wouldn't shock me if it wasn't", Ocean wrote.

The statement followed the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016 that left 50 people dead. The judge's full written decision is expected this week.

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