Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Headset Not Launching In Europe

Doris Richards
October 19, 2017

While Microsoft has picked the "Mixed Reality" naming for its initial headsets, they're only capable of virtual reality experiences. Windows Mixed Reality headsets do not require an additional headset and nor do you need to mount cameras around your home for positional tracking. The four HMDs by Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and HP are available for purchase today, whereas Samsung's solution will hit the shelves later in November.

At IFA 2017, Microsoft announced that the Fall Creators Update will be available on October 17, and to coincide with that, Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be made available. This boosts the platform's portability, but can struggle to register movement from behind the headset itself.

Indeed, the company's Samsung HMD Odyssey will be on shelves in the United States next month, but there are no plans to sell the headset over in Europe, Samsung told The Verge. Samsung will also launch its mixed reality headset called the Samsung HMD Odyssey, and prices for these different products range from $399 to $499 depending on brand and model, with each AR helmet being accompanied by a set of motion controllers. The field of view (FOV) is 100 degrees.

To get the preferred 90 frames per second or check for the AMD-equivalent minimum hardware, Microsoft has prepared an accessible image for reference. Otherwise, headsets can be used to run desktops in the virtual environment, browse the web using Microsoft Edge or access the current games and movies on the store, such as Halo Recruit VR and Arizona Sunshine. Still, early adopters be warned that content is likely limited for the time being.

Given that it is only about $50 more than the other devices many of those planning to invest in a Windows Mixed Reality headset may be planning to opt for the better device.

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