Victims of domestic violence honored in ceremony at Capitol

Doris Richards
October 21, 2017

YWCA worked with more than 700 domestic violence victims a year ago and is on track to do about the same in 2017.

October is national Domestic Violence Awareness Month, an annual campaign that honors victims and survivors, celebrates advocates, and brings attention to intimate partner violence. The event was branded as domestic violence activism and not just awareness, because it focused on overcoming the stigmas of reporting abuse. The new initiative will allow victims enough time to access rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters or any other type of legal help without having to worry if their next paycheck is guaranteed or not.

Disco for Domestic Violence Awareness is set for 7 to 10 p.m. Friday at Batavia Country Club, 7909 Batavia-Byron Rd. In the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Questions and Answers: The Application of Title VII and the ADA to Applicants or Employees Who Experience Domestic or Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking, the government offers examples of how other federal nondiscrimiation laws may apply to employment situations involving applicants and employees who experience domestic or dating violence, sexual assault or stalking. "They had to go themselves and weren't able to do that because they weren't able to take the time off work", one of the bill's main sponsors, Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland, explained in a recent press conference.

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