Channing Tatum opens Jimmy Kimmel Live with stellar dance routine

Angelo Anderson
November 2, 2017

Jane takes the news pretty well at first, but begins to get frustrated when Kimmel starts itemizing all of the candies that he and McNearney ate.

Kimmel himself also got in on the fun sending a video to the show of himself pranking his 3-year-old daughter Jane.

In the clip, a visibly upset Everly stormed away from the Logan Lucky actor and whimpered over to her mom, Jenna Dewan Tatum, who was watching the scene unfold from the couch. "Dad's that's not amusing", she told him, to which he replied, "You're right - that really was not amusing".

Kimmel's staffers are conveniently all incredible at dancing, so they offered encouragement with their sweet moves as Tatum made his way through hair and makeup in the show's opening sequence.

Tatum found his daughters tears so heartbreaking that he eventually came clean, but Everly didn't want to let him off easy.

"I don't miss anything about stripping", he told People in April.

"You're right-that really was not amusing".

"I have to tell you something", Kimmel says to his daughter Jane.

"What? I still have one".

"I don't believe you", she said as she threw the empty bag at her father. "I'm sorry baby. I hope you forgive me someday for that!" "Don't worry", she said.

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