FBI Supervisor walks into a Bar, wakes up without gun, rolex, dignity

Doris Richards
November 10, 2017

An FBI counterterrorism supervisor is the subject of an internal investigation after his gun was stolen following a night of drinking at a North Carolina hotel, officials said.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police report identified the victim as Robert Manson, who is a unit chief in the FBI's worldwide terrorism section, reported the New York Times on Thursday.

A woman who went back to Manson's hotel room stole his Glock.40-caliber handgun, a $6,000 Rolex watch and $60 in cash.

The gun was identified as a Glock, said Robert Tufano, spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, in a statement to Fox News. More precisely, another agent made the discovery and called police, because the victim was still incapacitated by booze when officers arrived at 6:30am. Fellow agent Kevin Thurman is listed as filing the report on Manson's behalf. The newspaper cites unnamed sources who said Manson and other agents were in Charlotte for training and had been drinking at the hotel with women who said they were exotic dancers. The hotel bar closes at 2 a.m., reported The New York Times.

The FBI says they're still investigating the incident and they still haven't caught the suspect.

. But, according to a newly revealed police report, after inviting at least one of the classy young ladies of the night back to his room for the evening, Manson apparently woke up the next morning with none of those things. As a unit chief assigned to the bureau's headquarters, Mr. Manson oversees all terrorism investigations in the Midwest and the Carolinas.

The episode is an embarrassing mishap for the F.B.I. Earlier this year, one agent was cited in an internal review after a family member accidentally shot him. Federal law allows agents to carry concealed weapons while off duty, but not while they are intoxicated.

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