Apple iPhone X FaceID crack attempts; do they work?

Mindy Sparks
November 12, 2017

Bkav admits that the project is too far from practical for average iPhone X users to be anxious about, as it's unlikely someone is going to go to these lengths to look at some private photos or email.

The redesigned iPad is expected to ditch the home button, replacing Touch ID with Face ID, and feature slimmer bezels similar to the iPhone X. However, various reports have noted that an OLED display is rather unlikely given manufacturing and supply constraints.

As detailed in their video below, Bkav's method involved focusing on tricking Face ID's depth-mapping technology.

Apple tried to inspire confidence in Face ID through a technical white paper released in late September.

Well, it's less likely that this BKav-style mask will pose any security threat. Instead of making a realistic mask, the security firm crafted an elaborate mask with the sole goal of beating Face ID and the iPhone X's depth mapping technology.

Vice President, cyber security Bkav said: "the Mask created by combining three-dimensional printing with makeup and 2D images, in addition to cheeks on the area around the face succumbed to special treatment". These are actual masks used by the engineering team to train the neural network to protect against them in Face ID.

Should iPhone X Owners Be Worried?

It is primarily about the system of Face ID, which allows you to unlock the device to authenticate and pay for your purchase using the password model. Well, that depends on who you are.

So it seems that Apple is targeting a massive boost in sales in the next year, just as they did with 10 - 5 inch iPad Pro last year and the all new iPad, including some of the most attractive features of the very successful iPhone X might just make that happen! However, this should concern high-value individuals like politicians and businessmen. Really hard to do the "right" mask, without a specific knowledge security.

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