Highlights: Dustin Poirier Ends 'Showtime' In Brutal UFC Norfolk Headliner

Annette Crawford
November 12, 2017

The veteran lightweight competitor put on one of his best performances to date on Saturday night as he defeated former champion Anthony Pettis.

Poirier called out a former opponent in Eddie Alvarez after his victory.

As in the other two rounds, after initially looking to strike Poirier quickly bursts into a takedown and gets Pettis down.

Poirier surprised Pettis with an early takedown after a few exchanges on the feet, as he planted the former lightweight champion on the mat. Pettis kicks him off for a second and sweeps beautifully.

The action was furious from the opening bell, with Poirier using his trademark pressure style to stalk the more striking-focused Pettis with some effective takedowns and follow-up ground and pound, but "Showtime" used a crafty ground game to reverse position and land his own damage. Blood in his eyes and pouring down as Poirier has his back. In the finish, Poirier had Pettis' back with a body triangle, Pettis spun his body but Poirier stayed mounted on top of him, and Pettis tapped from the pain of the injury. The final shot opened a huge cut on the eyebrow that began leaking blood nearly immediately.

Pettis was transported to a local hospital after the fight. Several punches, elbows, triangle attempts, cuts and the like led to an awkward close to the fight when Pettis submitted aftert a rib injury prevented him from continuing. Pettis constantly attacked with submissions, but Poirier was able to defend every attempt and maintain the dominant position.

Poirier takes Pettis' back and loosk for a choke, but Pettis manages to transition on top! Here are the full results and best highlights.

The end came at 2:08 in the third round. The two battled to a no contest in May at UFC 211 when Alvarez landed illegal knees to Poirier's head.

After the fight was finished, Poirier didn't make a request for his next fight, but instead demanded the match-up he wanted following a very impressive outing to defeat Pettis on Saturday night.

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