FFXV's Noctis to be playable in Tekken 7 in 2018

Doris Richards
November 13, 2017

This week of insane fighting game DLC reveals won't stop!

At the Tekken World Tour Finals today, Harada had promised there would be an announcement.

While many had expected a new character reveal, nobody could possibly imagine how big a get it would be for the game.

The trailer is set up very cleverly like a Final Fantasy mission, actually featuring Noctis' friends after he gets off a very important phone call with Lars.

The publisher revealed in a new trailer tonight that Notcis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV will be joining the Tekken 7 roster in spring 2018!

So. Are you happy with Noctis coming to Tekken 7? His grab attacks can end with the flourish of a spell, including Fire, Lightning and Ice.

He brings a Final Fantasy 15 stage along with him, and a bunch of flashy moves any Final Fantasy fan is sure to love.

Tekken 7 is still in full gear as Bandai Namco continues to add new content to the game. Hopefully, this crossing over of characters and genres represents Bandai Namco getting even more bold with future character additions.

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