'I thought it was because I had good breast milk'

Leslie Hanson
November 13, 2017

When Luis Manuel Gonzales was born, he weighed a very normal 3.5kg, just like his almost-three-year-old brother, Mario.

Isabel said when Luis Manuel was just a month old he already had to wear clothes meant for toddlers.

Doctors have been left baffled by why he is so huge and his family in Mexico are facing huge medical bills to keep him healthy.

But Pantoja and her husband, Mario Gonzales, became increasingly concerned as Luis Manuel grew with extraordinary speed. Over the next eight months he gained a staggering 18kg (40lbs).

"It hurts to watch the nurses search among the rolls of fat on his arms for a vein", father Mario Gonzales said.

Understandably spooked, they started a Facebook page and bank account with the aim of raising funds to care for him.

He and Pantoja were told their son might require hormone injections costing $555US ($724AUD) a pop.

And despite lots of study and examination, no one really knows what is wrong with this baby boy.

Doctors have one theory that Luis could be suffering from Prader-Willi Syndrome, which is a genetic condition which leaves children constantly hungry and prone to massively over eating.

A 10-month-old Mexican baby is suffering from a rare weight gain condition making him weigh as much as an average nine-year-old.

The day of his first vaccine he weighed 10 kilos, she said.

Luis Manuel has to go to hospital four-times a week for medical tests as the family struggle with medical bills.

His family said one-day his pram collapsed due to Luis's hefty sizet.

Ten-month-old baby Luis Gonzales is pictured in his stroller at a bus station in Colima city, Mexico on November 9, 2017. And he observed everything with a keen, alert eye. He can only sit upright.

Even dad Mario, who works at a local juice plant and is fit and well, is exhausted by carrying Luis.

But there is hope.

The family's plight came to the attention of Silvia Orozco, a surgeon specializing in nutrition who took an interest in the case.

Ten-month-old Luis Gonzales and his mother Isabel Pantoja, 24, are pictured at their home in Mexico.

Orozco said that, rather than Prader-Willi Syndrome, his problem may be this: while pregnant with Luis Manuel, his mother's diet lacked certain nutrients and this caused glands that manage his metabolism to underperform.

If so - pending the results of tissue samples being done in the United States - he could be helped with a different kind of hormone shot that would kick-start his metabolic glands.

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