Overwatch on Xbox One X could get 4K support

Mindy Sparks
November 13, 2017

The most powerful console that Microsoft has ever made is being launched with a handful of titles that have been updated to take advantage of its unmatched power.

Numerous biggest Xbox One games have received sizable updates to give them 4K resolution support and other enhancements when played on Xbox One X. Unsurprisingly, more games are in line to receive Xbox One X updates, with Blizzard preparing a patch for its popular hero shooter Overwatch that will give it 4K resolution when played on Microsoft's latest console.

Microsoft's Xbox One update, the Xbox One X, launched on November 7, and a few games have received patches that "enhance" gameplay, like Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty: WW2.

While Blizzard didn't announce an exact release date for Overwatch's Xbox One X patch, it's likely that it will coincide with other updates for the game.

While Blizzard's popular hero shooter absolutely dominates the PC gaming world compared to consoles, there is still a significant amount of people playing Overwatch on Xbox One.

Overwatch received PlayStation 4 support before this but strangely the 4K update turned to be only for the User Interface (UI) of the game not game play and the actual in-game resolution stayed at 1080P alnog with updates and improvements in Depth of Field (DoF) and Anisotropic Filtering (AF). Call of Duty: WWII, Destiny 2, and even older games like Diablo III all look even better on the Xbox One X, so it makes sense that Overwatch would follow the same path.

"The team is now exploring how the game experience can be enhanced on this platform to leverage the console's incredible hardware, and is working on implementing 4K resolution in the game on Xbox One X", Blizzard told Windows Central.

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