Security Firm Creates Mask That Beats Face ID

Mindy Sparks
November 13, 2017

It was introduced in the iPhone X as a replacement for Touch ID, since the design of the phone doesn't allow for the fingerprint scanner to remain in front and Apple doesn't want it positioned at the back.

Apple's Face ID is supposed to be the most secure biometric security system ever put into a smartphone.

In a video, the security firm shows the mask unlocking the iPhone X on its own, as well as when placed on a person's face. Turns out they've found success using a strange-looking 3D-printed mask.

Not really. The security firm also acknowledges that "normal people" shouldn't be anxious about their iPhone X Face ID being compromised by such masks, as the effort it takes to make such masks is simply too much. To the 3-D frame, researchers added a silicone layer to resemble skin, areas of "special processing" along the forehead, and 2-D images of the subject's eyes and mouth.

But for police forces executing a particularly valuable search warrant, for example, it could be possible to secretly scan a suspect's face, make a mask, and then catch him unawares.

The researchers claim that no cheats were involved in this concept. The Face ID in the iPhone X used for the test was set up using a real person's face.

The mask is said to have cost approximately $150 in supplies, excluding the 3D printer, of course, and took about five days to complete. However, the demo shows the iPhone unlocking in the first try itself, although it is not clear how many unsuccessful attempts Bkav had before producing a mask that actually worked. However, this should concern high-value individuals like politicians and businessmen. However, this emphasizes that the Face ID may not be a completely foolproof security.

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