HTC Vive Focus standalone VR headset launched

Mindy Sparks
November 14, 2017

Dubbed the Vive Focus, this all-in-one device features inside-out 6-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) "world-scale" tracking, meaning it doesn't require external base stations nor sensors, so you can get positional tracking anywhere at any time - even on a train or plane, should you wish to.

During the summer, HTC revealed some details about its cable-free VR headset. By eliminating both the PC and the phone requirements, users aren't dependent on any other device for their VR experiences.

HTC also said that it formed a partnership with Unity to integrate Viveport and the Vive Wave SDK into Unity to offer one-click publishing to the Viveport distribution platform.

The platform is created to simplify development and enable support for multiple, cross-platform VR devices.

It's unclear, but unlikely that this will play fully blown Vive VR games such as L.A. Noire and the like, but it'll be interesting to see where this kind of tech goes in the near future.

The VR headset is also optimized by Vive Wave VR open platform where developers can add VR-ready content. HTC said that 12 hardware partners have already signed up to take part in Vive Wave.

Earlier this year, HTC was forced to drop the price of their Vive VR system from $799 to $599 after Oculus dramatically sliced the price of its similarly capable VR system from $798 to $399. "As the VR industry leader in China, it is our duty to help reduce market fragmentation and provide content developers with more ways to make money". The company unveiled its standalone device at an event in China this evening, explaining that its new VR device gives people the freedom to enjoy virtual reality content wherever they are.

We already knew that the Focus packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with instant on support, and now we're told that it also features a "high-resolution" AMOLED screen plus a rotational head strap that's similar to the Vive's Deluxe Audio Strap. If you were holding out for that standalone Vive Google Daydream headset, meanwhile, there's bad news - HTC and Google have cancelled their plans to bring it to the US. HTC is also accepting applications for Vive Wave developer kits through the Chinese Vive developer hub.

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