Hyderabad-bound IndiGo flight hits a wild boar on runway

Leslie Hanson
November 14, 2017

Vizag: IndiGo Plane carrying 150 passengers was bound for Hyderabad had a narrow escape after a wild boar nearly collided with the aircraft that was taking off. IndiGo officials confirmed that the pilot saw the boar, but it was too late to abort take-off. According to IndiGo officials, the pilot of flight 6E-742 saw the boar, but it was too late to abort take-off. Sources said that the wild boar appeared on the runway just as the aircraft was taking off. Sources said that once in the air, the pilot noticed that the wheels had failed to retract. As the pilot could not halt the plane at once, it took off. As it would be unsafe to land a plane with a full fuel tank, the pilots flew over the sea for 45 minutes. "According to standard operating procedures, the captain immediately reported the matter to the Air Traffic Control and made a decision to hold over Vizag", the airline said in a statement.

The Gurgaon-based airline said it has raised the issue of birds and wildlife endangering the safety of the passengers as well as the flight operations with the Visakhapatnam airport authorities. Otherwise, it is impossible to enter the airport. There were no compound walls at the airport at that time. Andhra Pradesh Air Travellers" Association vice-president O. Naresh Kumar described it as a "security breach' and wondered how a wild boar could gain entry into the highly restricted area.

The IndiGo flight, which was supposed to reach Hyderabad by 11.15 pm, took off only at 1 am and reached Hyderabad on Monday 2.15 am. It is to be seen what steps the airport authorities will take to prevent recurrence of the incident.

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