Kerala Man's 'Baahubali' Stunt With Elephant Goes Horribly Wrong

Lester Mason
November 14, 2017

Seemingly drunk, his friends warn him that the tusker will be infuriated if he gets any closer.

A friend can be heard saying in the video: "Don't go near the elephant". He has since been hospitalised.

A young man in Thodupuzha, a town in Idukki district of the Indian state of Kerala, tried to pull of a stunt from the blockbuster film Baahubali 2 by trying to climb an elephant to stand on its trunk, only to land in the hospital.

As the elephant finishes all the fruits in his hand, the animal puts forth its trunk, in a gesture asking for more bananas.

They bought some bananas from a nearby shop and went near the elephant. "You're drunk. The elephant will go mad".

The incident, occurred on Sunday 12 November, was live streamed on Facebook by a friend of the man, who lost conscience after falling on the ground. However, the foolhardy youngster, leans forward to step on the animal's tusks but the animal flings him in the air to send him flying. It makes for a truly disturbing sight. His friends run towards him and shout: "Is he dead?"

Now the man is in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a hospital struggling for his life after his attempt to mount an elephant like "Baahubali".

In Baahubali, Prabhas jumps on top of the elephant using the animal's trunk as a stepping stone. Needless to try, the stunts in any movie should not be tried at home or anywhere else.

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