Pokemon GO Adds Alola Items From Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Doris Richards
November 14, 2017

Starting today, November 13, Pokemon GO users can find new avatar items straight from the Alola region.

Despite Pokemon GO featuring numerous cosmetic items based on the Sun and Moon generation, it doesn't appear as though Alola region Pokemon will be coming to the game any time soon.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are available November 17 which is still enough time to pre-order them. Ultra Beasts make a huge comeback. Based on Pokemon Go's current timeline of adding two sets of Pokemon per year, we might not get to the "Gen 7" Pokemon seen in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon until 2019. In this Pokemon GO Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon costumes guide, we'll be walking you through exactly how you can unlock the outfits for your Avatars.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The trailer also highlighted one of the most requested inclusions for the new games-Move Tutors.

The Pokémon world is constantly changing and filling up with more and more surprises at every turn. "Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon don't do much to push the series as a whole forward-but given the giant leaps that the original Sun and Moon already took, maybe they don't need to". Both the male and female versions of the Pokemon GO avatar have unique sets of clothes they can equip, though their tropical theme may look a bit odd in the coming winter months. "Just keep in mind that if you're hoping that the entire 'leveling process" is going to be different this time, and that you'll be entering a completely courageous, new world-you're going to be disappointed".

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