Rocket League: Sony Wants No Association With Nintendo Switch!

Doris Richards
November 14, 2017

Although there is no official announcement at the moment, the website of Japanese Nintendo found trademarks of multiple brands, including amiibo, The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, Animal Crossing, characters for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Pokemori and Marika.

Even though the previous Super Smash Bros game came out at the tail end of the Wii U's run, there hasn't been any news that the game will be ported over to the Nintendo Switch.

However, with Nintendo taking a lot of time in announcing Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch, it could mean two things.

It was later revealed that Nintendo accidentally enabled GameCube controller support for the Nintendo Switch, which hushed the Super Smash Bros. rumors a bit. Hopefully it isn't long before Nintendo has more concrete details to share about an eventual Super Smash Bros Switch release.

Later, in April of the same year, it was said that Switch would have Wii U ports. The controllers remain the most popular ones for Super Smash Bros. enthusiasts. As always, though, we're looking to what's next for Nintendo's newest console, and if new trademark filings are any indication, it may be Super Smash Bros. Since these trademarks only seem to encompass logos, it's entirely possible that Nintendo isn't planning a Super Smash Bros Switch release for any point in the near future. Recall that something similar happened with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Whatever the case may be, and whenever it arrives, Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch will surely further drive up sales for the already successful console.

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