What will a Giancarlo Stanton trade look like?

Annette Crawford
November 14, 2017

But it sounds like the slugger has been in communication with the Marlins and has given them an idea of where he would accept a trade. The Rangers had spent so much money to bring him to Arlington, there wasn't enough left over to actually assemble a team around him good enough to win the World Series. They aren't the only teams in the mix though. The Marlins feel there is still rebuilding to be done and the amount they could get in return for Stanton would accelerate that process.

That creates this weird balance of "We want Stanton on our team, but not for too long, but if we end up stuck with him after his opt out because of X, Y, or Z, we really are going to wish we hadn't also given up all of these players to get him and maybe you could chip in some cash for those later seasons just in case?" while the Marlins are just sitting there going, "Are you in or are you out?" to everyone on the line.

Miami finished 77-85 and has not had a winning season since 2009.

For years, the Marlins had a standing policy of not granting no-trade protection to any players signed to long-term deals.

It became a challenge for the Marlins to deal former catcher Charles Johnson to the Rockies in 2002, all because Johnson had full no-trade rights built into his contract. Rodriguez was the great get at the time, and Tom Hicks sure got him, with an offer that Rodriguez simply could not refuse, the way Stanton could not refuse an even bigger offer from Jeffrey Loria, the previous Marlins' owner, 14 years later. Any team thinking about making a trade for Stanton, and trading away a huge chunk of its own future, has a flawless right to wonder if Stanton, at the back end of his deal, will look a lot like Albert Pujols does. "We can count on him to play first base for us like he did in 2016". "We've traded a lot of young guys". The one thing the Red Sox did not do last season was hit home runs, and now 59 of them are in play, if they're willing to pay Capt. Jeter's price, whatever that price happens to be. We know the Cardinals are very interested in Stanton, we just have no clue whether he wants to come here, whether the Marlins are interested in Cardinals prospects or whether the Cards are willing to part with any top pipeline guys. Philadelphia is considered a long shot among teams most often linked to him, as the Phillies are in rebuilding mode and Stanton would prefer to play for a victor. St. Louis. Boston. Philadelphia.

"He's in the office everyday", Hill said. For one, he's owed at least $295 million over the next 11 seasons.

"We felt it was only right that we did it in person", Hill said. "At the appropriate time, we'll discuss whatever we need to discuss".

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