Who owns Rosogolla? West Bengal wins the misthi battle against Odisha

Lester Mason
November 14, 2017

The two states, Bengal and Odisha, had entered the fray to stake their claim on the dessert for far too long.

The GI authorities in Chennai ruled that West Bengal is the origin of the sweet.

Promptly tweeting the good news, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee wrote.

While the issue to claim the origination of the sweet desert continued, Bengal government officials according to reports had said that the administration only wished for a tag known as Geographical Indications (GI) to be given to a local variety of Rasgulla called "Banglar Rasogolla".

Ending a two and a half years long "sweet" spate with Odisha, West Bengal on Tuesday won the Geographical Identification (GI) fight over one of the most popular candies in India-'Rosogolla'. West Bengal have several candies on similar lines to that of rosogolla.

One of the most popular Bengali candies, Rosogolla, has been the bone of contention between West Bengal and Odisha, as the two states have been involved in a legal battle over its origins. They had also indulged in the celebrations of Rosogolla Dibasa to link the origin of the this sweetmeat to Odisha. However, both Indian states, Odisha and Bengal variously claimed that the origination of this sweet dish. She asked her officers to get in touch with us in 2015 when Odisha tried to get the GI registration in their favour.

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