Bigg Boss 11: Contestant Bandagi Kalra Refused to Endorse Condoms!

Angelo Anderson
November 15, 2017

Bigg Boss 11 contestant and television sensation Hiten Tejwani has always been the voice of reason and the peacemaker in the house.

Puneesh gets a condition that if Bandgi give up all her clothes then Puneesh will get saved from the eviction. As Shilpa and Arshi mocked her, Hina tearfully brought her toy out and destroyed it. Bandgi, meanwhile was busy blaming Priyank for trying to poke fun at her personal life. Because of this, Hina gets nominated for eviction.

Hiten and Akash get into an argument because Akash says that Hiten is enjoying Arshi's drama. Hiten gets angry and tells Akash that he was a fool to save him by destroying his family picture to save such a person!

Shilpa gets a call from Big Boss. Puneesh too, gets saved as Bandgi keeps all her clothes (except a two pairs of clothes) and make-up in the store room. And with that, Arshi Khan was saved. Luv sits on the chair next and he has to convince Hina to destroy her favourite soft toy. Shilpa adds that her brother will understand her situation! Next Bandagi has to convince Akash to go bald to save her from nominations. Initially, he refuses, but later Puneesh requests Akash to save Bandgi from nomination.

We EXCLUSIVELY reveal, Akash Dadlani has gone bald to save Bandgi Kalra from getting nominated this week.

Hina screams that she didn't apply makeup on his head.

In midst of this testing day, Akash who looked up to Shilpa as a mother figure has now turned against her as he could not accept the fact that she and Vikas are now on friendly terms.

Arshi Khan was asked to sacrifice all her nighties to save Vikas. Kapil, while reading the letter meant for Shilpa said that she has done something no one else has done. Surprisingly, Arshi happily sacrificed all her nighties! To save her, Puneesh would have to wear Sapna's salwar kameez for the entire week, day and night.

Benafsha nominated herself for next two weeks only to save her best friend Priyank Sharma.

Priyank & Ben Share A Bed!

Salman who asked the inmates to not come to him with their problems with each other, also announced that since the luxury budget task failed this week, the prize money will be zero and rebukes Hina sarcastically for coming up with the idea of provoking other contestants.

Benafsha asks Shilpa why did you cry for Vikas Gupta.

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