Defendant faints as guilty verdicts read in murder-for-hire plot

Lester Mason
November 15, 2017

Gun instructor Weldon McDavid Jr, who testified as a trained marksman, shot Mr Mulvihill in the arm on September 1 several weeks before he was due to receive a $120,000 payout from Lovejoy after a prolonged and heated separation.

Prosecutors said that Lovejoy had accused Mulvihill, 45, of molesting the couple's young son and sexually abusing her, according to the station.

Diana Lovejoy passes out, interrupts jury's verdict after being found guilty on counts of conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder.

Lovejoy faces anywhere from 25 years to life in prison, while McDavid Jr. faces 50 years to life in prison.

Brad Patton, Lovejoy's attorney, said his client had taken out a temporary restraining order against Mulvihill because she claimed he was abusing her and their son.

When court reconvened around 30 minutes later Lovejoy was no longer at the defendants' table, instead she was wheeled out by paramedics and taken to a nearby hospital, FOX 5 San Diego reported. McDavid, who pulled the trigger, faces 50 years to life.

After the restraining order elapsed, Lovejoy still had concerns about her estranged husband but "at no time was there a discussion (or) conspiracy to murder her husband", Patton told the jury. Sentencing is scheduled for December 12.

Footage taken from inside the courtroom showed Lovejoy looking wide-eyed at her legal team as the verdict was read out on Monday
Footage taken from inside the courtroom showed Lovejoy looking wide-eyed at her legal team as the verdict was read out on Monday

The question was whether the expert gunman did it as a $2,000 hired hitman, or whether he was simply trying to shoot out the light Mulvihill was carrying in his left hand.

McDavid, a former Marine, later testified that he was a trained marksman and that if he had actually meant to kill the victim he would have done so. "Juror Erin Reed told the Union-Tribune, "[It was] hard when we watched her faint.

They linked McDavid to the crime through feces found in the bushes in which the witness' claimed they'd seen someone holding a gun. "He was lying. It was getting absurd at times".

The co-defendants apparently met at the gun range where McDavid worked. "But that didn't change any of our verdicts".

McDavid said he asked Lovejoy to buy a burner phone, and then, using the burner phone and pretending to be a private investigator, he called Mulvihill and told him he had evidence against him that he was abusive, and that he would leave that evidence on a pole along a dirt path in a specified remote location. McDavid said that the idea was that if such a sketchy phone call could lure Mulvihill to a dark spot, he must be guilty of something.

The case stems from an incident with beginnings in 2014, when Lovejoy separated from Mulvihill.

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