DICE Is Lowering Hero Prices In Battlefront 2 By 75%

Angelo Anderson
November 15, 2017

Wall Street is taking notice and getting concerned over the title's financial prospects.

As the "Star Wars Battlefront" community team has figured, it would take about 40 hours of dedicated play to unlock top figures like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker in the game, all the while saving every scrap of in-game currency instead of spending it on upgrades. They allowed players to save time by paying extra money to accelerate the "unlock" of major characters like Darth Vader. The community over at Reddit is ready to rip these three apart, which is extremely unfair.

This news comes after EA / DICE made changes to Battlefront 2 in order to reduce the time it takes to unlock heroes in the game, with players now learning that the game's Arcade mode limits the amount of credits you can earn.

EA - or rather just DICE - is hosting an AMA on the Star Wars Battlefront subreddit today to talk to the community about Star Wars Battlefront II...and probably try and calm things down a bit.

On a more positive note, the developers have been able to successfully create one of the best "Star Wars" games in a while. "We will provide more details and updates as we can".

"We see recent controversies as a potential risk for unit sales vs buyside expectations, although EA has conservative estimates for Battlefront Live Services". It is important to note that full reviews have not been released yet, but so far, critics have been pointing out some key negative points.

Star Wars Battlefront 2/Electronic ArtsA new gameplay mode is being introduced for "Star Wars Battlefront II" on the Gamescom event on August 21, featuring new multiplayer space combat.

The game without any of the extras is available for pre-order for between £49.99 and £69.99 in the United Kingdom, which many felt meant there should not be additional payments for the most popular Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 forces players to wait almost a full day before they can unlock any more credits in Arcade mode, it has been revealed.

EA's stock is up 43 percent year to date through Tuesday compared with the S&P 500's 15 percent gain.

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