Eminem performs new single 'Walk On Water' at MTV EMAs

Angelo Anderson
November 15, 2017

In the past Eminem has collaborated with Jay-Z and of course Rihanna. With the rapper's iconic flow enveloped by Queen B's stunning vocals, the new track has all the ingredients to become a smash hit and it marks a promising return for Eminem after so many years away from the scene.

Eminem week is fully underway, with Em dropping his first single in years last week and shocking the world when he brought Beyonce along for the ride on "Walk On Water".

It looks like Eminem's "Revival" could be coming out even sooner than we expected. Recently, he released the song Walk On Water together with Beyonce (36), and today performed this song at the MTV EMA, but not with Bi, but with the author of the song Skylar grey (31).

Beyoncé, who appears on the studio version of the track (produced by Rick Rubin) couldn't make it, so Eminem was joined by the song's co-writer Skylar Grey.

Additionally, if "Walk on Water" will serve as a basis in terms of what fans can expect from "Revival", then it is possible that Eminem has lost some semblance of what he once was -a lyrical genius. Eminem posted a picture of a prescription which stated "Walk on Water: Take as Needed".

On November 18, Eminem will perform on Saturday Night Live.

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