Fishermen claim to have made rare catch off Ocean City coast

Lester Mason
November 15, 2017

The opah Ensor and his friends caught might be one of the only ones ever caught in Ocean City by a non-commercial fishing boat. They could tell by the fight the fish put up that it was going to be bigger than the swordfish.

The crew says their latest catch is their most memorable. It can best be described a sa cross between a swordfish and a tuna.

Ensor says his crew had just caught an 80-pound swordfish when the opah latched on to their bait.

According to Ensor, it took over an hour to reel in the 105-pound-fish which was a collective effort between Ensor and crew members Tommy Clark, Brian Stewart and James Dozerbach.

"It was about the surprise of a lifetime", Ensor said.

Opahs, also known as moonfish or sunfish, are the only known warm-blooded fish and tend to be found in tropical waters. It could be the first time anyone has caught this kind of fish in Ocean City. But catching the fish is rare off the east coast. The only slowdown in doing that, Ensor said, has been that none of the seasoned fisherman in Ocean City have seen the fish, much less know how to cut it up and prepare it.

Gregg Bortz with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources said they are looking into the catch, but can not now confirm it, or if this is the first time an opah has been caught in Maryland. Ensor isn't sure how the fish got all the way to Maryland, noting that the Gulf Stream is "relatively close, about 100 miles maybe he got a little lost".

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