Former WSU football player charged in wife's murder

Angelo Anderson
November 15, 2017

He lifted himself up just enough to flag down a police officer, then dropped back down and began convulsing, his arms making a "snow angel motion", the officer on scene told prosecutors.

No one matching the description of Anthony McClanahan's alleged attackers appears on security footage from the entrance to the complex, documents say, and police said the keycard system for the McClanahan's unit hadn't been accessed since 9:25 p.m. November 1.

This undated photo shows Keri "KC" McClanahan, 28.

They found her after McClanahan made a scene outside their Salt Lake City condo.

His wife's body was found in the apartment he had rented after someone else at the building called 911, saying he was crawling low to the ground through the hallways and calling for help.

On the floor near KC McClanahan's hands, investigators found a paracord bracelet knife - a thick bracelet that unhooks to reveal a small knife - consistent with her wounds.

Gauf said McClanahan once punched her sister in a fit of jealousy, adding that he would sometimes talk about the effects of the head injuries he suffered during his football career, but Gauf also said she doesn't believe his alleged violent tendencies were brought about by head trauma.

McClanahan picked up his son from school in Maricopa County, Arizona, on October 3 and refused to give him back to the boy's mother, according to the charges.

Keri's family told the newspaper that she and McClanahan had a history of domestic violence, which ended at least twice with Keri fleeing from her husband.

He and his wife rented the apartment in Park City a few days later, charging documents said. While he had prospects to play with the Dallas Cowboys, he was cut from the team prior to the 1994 regular season and never played a game in the NFL. The couple met previous year in Keri's hometown of Bellingham, Wash., where Anthony was working as a personal trainer at the time.

"It anxious me a lot, '" she said, but "he kind of had us fooled".

After the January 2017 wedding, they moved to Arizona together and began traveling to volunteer in hurricane-affected areas.

She had gotten the bracelet about a year ago, Gauf said, partially because she had an interest in knives, but also to protect herself.

Gauf said Anthony McClanahan tried to blame his behavior on injuries he'd suffered while playing football.

After the punch, Keri McClanahan returned home to Washington, but her husband continued to contact her even as he left Arizona with his son. Gauf said she became concerned about her sister when Anthony wanted Keri to marry him soon after the relationship started.

"She's such a sweetheart", said Gauf, who remembered her sister as an adventurous, athletic woman with a great sense of humor who leaves two children of her own.

Anthony McClanahan, who was signed and then cut by the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s but for whom there's no record of ever playing in an National Football League game, remained Monday in the Salt Lake County jail, where he has been held without bail pending trial in an unrelated child kidnapping case.

"He definitely dimmed her light so much and it was really hard to watch", she said.

Former pro football player Anthony McClanahan was charged with murder Monday after a freakish scene that unfolded outside his condominium earlier this month.

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