Henry Cavill brought his dog to interviews for 'Justice League'

Angelo Anderson
November 15, 2017

With these sorts of rumors, only those involved with the actual production know the truth behind the tales, though we're undoubtedly going to hear many try and give kudos/assign blame for however Justice League turned out when it drops this coming Friday, November 17th. Pictures, a Warner Bros. That was always Zack's vision.

Affleck is also due to be Bruce Wayne and his heroic alter ego in Justice League 2 and the standalone Batman movie planned by Warner Bros.

Miller remembers Zack Snyder helping him grasp parts of the movie using storyboards in his office: "You can ask him what's going on in a scene and he can show it to you, saying things like, 'And there you go, boom". To say that there's a lot riding on this film would be an understatement.

Join guest host and third alternate Space Ghost, Hector Navarro, as he runs down the early word on Justice League's critical reception.

Do you want Ben Affleck to stay on as Batman, or are you ready to see someone new? The film will be the first time all of DC's beloved heroes - Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and (we're just assuming) Superman - will share the screen in a live-action format. And to see that different manifestation of Batman and his whole different style. "Henry (Cavill), Ben and I had a wonderful addition with Ezra and Jason and Ray (that) just stirred everything up". One box was given to mankind, one to the Amazonians (Wonder Woman's tribe), and one to the Atlanteans (Aquaman's tribe). Though the epicenter of DC Comcs has always revolved around Batman and Superman, that's starting to change. "From everything I know, he's going to play that Batman", said Roven. Roven says there's no script but "various story ideas" are being kicked around.

The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg round out the team. "That was upsetting", Snyder told USA TODAY a few months later, "and made me evaluate myself and where I was with the movies and what I wanted to say with them".

"Justice League", a team-up movie, will be followed by solo efforts. Whedon is also prepping a Batgirl movie.

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