Marc Maron discusses Louis CK's sexual harassment

Angelo Anderson
November 15, 2017

The latest episode of Marc Maron's WTF podcast features a conversation with Pixies/The Breeders legend Kim Deal, chatting at length about her youth and career as well as announcing a new Breeders album due out in 2018.

Maron also addressed the hard question of what he knew when and how much a male-dominated comedy world silenced C.K.'s acknowledged female victims and allowed the powerful auteur of stand-up, television and films to get away with his harmful behavior. "There was a report in The New York Times and a day later Louis copped to it". "Obviously you know about that". He copped to it late, but he did it.

One of the allegations had been circulating in the comedy world for more than five years via a blind item published on the now-shuttered website Gawker. Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov have called out C.K.'s public "apology" as self-serving, and Abby Schachner has posted a long statement to Facebook saying she forgives C.K. and is now looking for broader change.

Maron starts out by labelling C.K.'s actions as "vile, hurtful, damaging, selfish shit". "There's no way to apologize for him about it".

Maron says there were no women to believe before Friday. He heard the same rumors everyone else did, notably about the incident in Aspen. "But there's a lot of concern about who knew what when". Everybody knew this, everybody knew that. "It was always out there, but then it would pick up momentum at different times", Maron said. "Sadly, I knew what most people knew. It's not real. It'a a rumor".

When Maron would suggest C.K. quash the rumor publicly, the "Louie" creator would say, "No, I can't. Are you going to handle it?" "He asked. It's not illegal, ' - yeah, but it's gross", said Maron. I just jerked off in front of them, or jerked off on a phone.

"One of the things to take into consideration is that when people do shameful (things), they do everything they can to hide it. ..." "In no way did I interpret the interaction as threatening or non-consensual", he says.

As Pitchfork reports, Maron mentions that a new album from the band will be released next year while introducing Deal during the podcast, and representatives for the band have also additionally confirmed news of the record.

To fix the toxic culture in comedy, Maron said other men in the industry must learn to have more empathy. There just is no HR department in comedy. If you've got a male club owner and a dude they're trying to make into a big comic - if he says or does something or assaults somebody, it's always brushed under the rug.

"They have to deal with all of us", Maron said. I'm 54 (expletive) years old and I'm surrounded by women in a work environment. But when Maron asked if it was true, he said Louis C.K. had denied it.

"Look, everybody has made mistakes", he said. It was claimed that CK made women, including female comedians, watch and listen to him masturbate.

"Well, the big deal is that it's boundary-shattering". "It's traumatizing. It is unexpected". People are like, 'How are you gonna be friends with that guy?' He's my friend. "I would ask him about it".

"I'm disappointed in my friend", Maron said.

Whatever you think about Maron and his connections to Louis C.K., he certainly delivered on that.

HBO also dropped C.K. from the lineup of Night of Too Many Stars, a comedy benefit set to air Saturday.

"So what am I going to do?" I'm gonna be his friend. I want to ensure that all voices around me are heard, and that everyone is treated respectfully and empathetically. I mean, it's probably the best time to be his friend, when he needs to make changes in his life.

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