Seven brands of hoverboards recalled due to fire, explosion hazards

Lloyd Doyle
November 15, 2017

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a second warning this week following a house fire on October 23, 2017 in Manchester Township, Pennsylvania that destroyed one townhome and damaged four others.

Certain hoverboards have been recalled following a second incident where a house caught fire due to a malfunction on the product.

First the warning: Investigators say a LayZ Board self-balancing scooter started a fire last month that destroyed or damaged four townhomes in Pennsylvania. The issue of poorly made hoverboards catching on fire span back years now, but news on that front has been somewhat quiet.

A major recall has been announced for self-balancing scooters, commonly called "hoverboards", a popular toy among kids and teens.

This is not the first time hoverboard warnings and recalls have been issued by the CPSC.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the company received one report of the battery pack overheating and smoking. Hoverboards have two wheels at either end of a platform and are powered by lithium-ion battery packs.

In addition to warning about the LayZ Board hoverboards, the CPSC has also recalled the hoverboards from Tech Drift, Dollar Mania, Digital Products iLive, Simplified Wireless, Four Star Imports Go Wheels, Drone Nerds, and Smart Balance Wheel.

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