Singer and Williams reveal 493bhp restored Porsche 911

Doris Richards
November 15, 2017

Using Blattner's auto as a template, Singer says it will offer this package to an additional 75 clients.

Singer and Williams developed this auto for wealthy Porsche collector Scott Blattner, working with a Porsche Le Mans racecar designer named Norbert Singer (no relation to California's Singer Vehicle Design) to lend the project some serious aerodynamic cred.

Ladies and gentlemen Porschephiles, allow us to introduce you to a 1990 Porsche 911 that can be described as an introduction to Singer Vehicle Design's 2.0 era. They've teamed up to create a vehicle which takes the 964-generation Porsche 911 to the limit of what's possible.

To achieve the 493bhp figure from the car's original 243bhp, Singer has bored out the Porsche's original 3.6-litre flat six engine to 4.0-litres, and has increased the car's redline to 9000rpm.

The tuners turned to Williams Advanced Engineering and the reimagined 911 weighs a bantamweight 990kg but packs a punch, the reworked engine using four-valve cylinder heads, titanium conrods, aluminium throttle bodies, dual oil circuits, carbon fibre intake trumpets and airbox, to rattle off a few specs.

No idea how much it'll cost but it'd be best to guess high. And then triple
No idea how much it'll cost but it'd be best to guess high. And then triple

An aggressive aerodynamic package completed the exterior, and has been developed by Williams using its F1 know-how.

To ensure the auto is as good to drive as it is to look at, Singer has hired two consultants - racing driver Marino Franchitti and automotive journalist Chris Harris. I'm here for two reasons: "to help define how the auto drives, how it feels - how it will interact with each of the lucky owners".

Inside, the blood orange and absinthe body colours extend to the interior, which has orange leather-trimmed bucket seats and exposed bodywork.

Not only has Singer teamed up with Williams for this recreation, but up to 75 examples will be available - each custom built to the owners' specifications - and made not at Singer in California, but at Williams in Oxfordshire.

They'll need deep pockets, though. Prices depend on the independent specification of each auto.

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