Trump's approval rating is near his personal low

Lester Mason
November 15, 2017

However, Trump, in a Twitter comment, cited Monday's result from the Republican-leaning Rasmussen Reports, which showed him at a 53-46 negative standing and attacked mainstream national news outlets for citing the polls with his approval ratings in the 30-percent range. At other times, not so much.

For more on the poll's results, head here.

Not exactly shooting for the moon on this one, but hey, it's a start. Thirty-one percent of independents said they approve. That's compared to 57 percent who believe he is unfit. White voters, however, were largely split on the question of Trump's fitness for office: 49 percent said he is fit; 48 percent said he isn't fit.

United States voters disapprove 58 percent to 35 percent of the job Trump is doing, near his lowest score, a 61 percent to 33 percent disapproval rating on August 2, according to a Quinnipiac University survey. Last week, Reuters/Ipsos pegged his negative standing at 60-35, while The Washington Post-ABC News survey in early October showed a negative reading of 59-37, which it said was the lowest in seven decades at this point in the four-year terms of US presidents.

Among independent voters, the rating was 63 percent disapprove compared to 31 percent who approve.

And a majority of registered voters said Trump is not honest (58 percent), does not have good leadership skills (59 percent) or care about average Americans (59 percent), is not level headed (65 percent), strong person (58 person) or intelligent (55 percent) and does not share their values (62 percent).

The poll of 1,577 voters across the country was conducted from November 7 to 13. It contains a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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