BA to board based on cost of ticket

Lloyd Doyle
November 21, 2017

British Airways will begin to board passengers according to their ticket price on December 12. Others said they were happy to board last, proud even to prove that they had bagged a bargain, but many said the policy was unfair and that the airline should board by row, not by ticket price.

All economy passengers will fall into group four, and number five will be made up of those who chose the cheapest fares with hand luggage, The Telegraph reported.

Most American travelers are probably familiar with this type of procedure-American Airlines, for example, has a very similar boarding process. Critics accused British Airways of promoting a class-based system of customer service, with the wealthiest customers getting preferential treatment.

British Airways has announced it will be imposing a new boarding policy, meaning that those with the cheapest seats will have to wait until last to board the airplane.

Another user said, "It's very Kardashian, ostentatious about wealth and status".

Group one passengers will board first and group five will be held back until everyone else is seated, however disabled passengers and anyone travelling with young children will still be invited to board first.

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"I paid less than all you suckers", a passenger tweeted, while another wrote, "If some idiot pays more to sit in a stationary plane waiting for those he considered socially inferior, so what?"

Aviation expert John Strickland told the Telegraph, "Such changes will always divide opinion but British Airways is simply responding to the pressures of a short-haul market dominated by low-priced carriers who fly far more customers than it does".

A spokesperson for the airline told the BBC the new system would help speed up the boarding process and make it simpler for customers to understand.

British Airways said: "This method has been used all around the world by many airlines and aligns BA with partners American Airlines and Iberia". "We are always looking at ways to improve and simplify the airport experience for our customers".

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