Chinese envoy wraps up North Korea trip after meetings

Lester Mason
November 21, 2017

China has imposed its own banking restrictions on North Koreans in addition to enacting a series of United Nations measures that include bans on imports of coal, iron ore and seafood from the North. According to North Korea's state media, the two exchanged views about issues of mutual concern on the situation of the Korean peninsula and region, as well as bilateral relations.

The NIS also reported that the North has been focusing on forestalling a possible negative impact of the tightening worldwide sanctions on public sentiment.

Since taking office in late 2011, Kim Jong Un has orchestrated a series of high-profile purges, dismissals and executions in what foreign experts say is an attempt to bolster his grip on power and remove anyone seen as a challenge to his leadership.

"Song is not a magician", the Chinese mouthpiece said. "This means that because of the maximization of pressure from global community, and including China and including Washington, North Korea is considering also to make a breakthrough probably by coming to dialogue table", said Park Taewoo, a visiting professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

In response to North Korea's test of an intercontinental ballistic missile that can theoretically strike parts, if not most, of the continental USA and the regime's detonation of a staged thermonuclear bomb, the worldwide community imposed crippling sanctions on the rogue regime, severely restricting both imports and exports and forcing countries around the world to cut ties with the North.

This photo, provided by The Associated Press on November 17, 2017, shows Song Tao (R), a special envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping, meeting with Choe Ryong-hae, a senior North Korean party official, in Pyongyang.

Chinese envoy wraps up North Korea trip after meetings
Chinese envoy wraps up North Korea trip after meetings

Washington wants China, which accounts for 90% of North Korea's foreign trade, to put more economic pressure on the reclusive regime.

Mr Choe's comments come as Mr Turnbull announced his strong endorsement for Mr Trump's move to designate North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism. Following a summit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, the two made clear their opposition to a nuclear armed North Korea and commitment to denuclearization.

Beijing dispatched Song Tao, who heads the ruling Communist Party's external affairs department in Beijing, to Pyongyang on Friday to "inform North Korea of the (19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party)", said China's state-run Xinhua News Agency.

Following a closed-door briefing by South Korea's National Intelligence Service Monday, lawmakers revealed that North Korea may be preparing to for new missile tests by the end of the year.

The U.S. designated North Korea a state-sponsor of terrorism for the 1987 bombing of a South Korean passenger plane that killed more than 100 people. The spy agency, which has a spotty record in reporting developments in North Korea, said it couldn't publicly confirm Kim's account of the briefing.

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