Street Fighter V Getting New V-Triggers This January

Doris Richards
November 21, 2017

If you're unaware, the V-Trigger is a special skill unique to each character in SF5 that can be used when a meter fills.

Capcom has shared a new trailer of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, focused on the new gameplay additions of this upcoming re-release, which will be available for free to all owners of the original version.

The company tweeted out earlier today that it will be adding secondary V-Trigger moves for each character in Street Fighter V, including downloadable ones.

While there was no mention of any new characters, the conclusion of the trailer saw a mention for Capcom Cup in December, dressed with floating Cherry Blossom petals. Also glimpsed is the new "Combo Extender" mechanic.

One of SFV's biggest issues, without a doubt, is its lack of inventiveness. Much of the replayability of fighting titles such as Street Fighter V comes from the randomness in fighting against human opponents, but Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition gives players a good reason to buy the game again. The moves will be introduced on January 16, the same day that the Arcade Edition will be released. Hopefully a choice of V-triggers, as well as a whole new cancelling system, will rejuvenate Capcom's flagship fighter and give it the combo inventiveness it has been sorely missing.

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