Dissidia Final Fantasy NT New Trailers Showcase Noctis, Final Fantasy VIII Stage

Doris Richards
November 28, 2017

Earlier this month, we saw Noctis revealed as a playable character in Tekken 7. Hashimoto-san is serving as the executive producer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III, so his statements have everyone very excited.

To sum up my time with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT; I don't know what kind of game they're actually trying to make, but it looks nice. North America fans have had to wait patiently for the game to make its way West, although a beta version of it now available to some hasn't been free from issues (namely lag). This writer wouldn't mind a few classic Final Fantasy games making their way to the Nintendo Switch as well. The symbol chat won't be fully imported, but you can get a basic chat by leveling character level in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. He'll be able to trade out between lances, hulking broadswords, and one-handed sabers at a moment's notice and also close in fast with his magical teleportation ability.

Moreover, this event will reveal the latest information on the game, the results of the latest survey, and that of the Multiplayer Expansion Pack: Comrades, while playing host to all things Episode Ignis - an add-on that tells the story from Ignis' perspective. A release date, however, is a little more hard to gauge, especially given Square Enix's penchant for long development cycles.

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