Alabama handed controversial playoff berth after Buckeyes win Big Ten

Annette Crawford
December 7, 2017

The Crimson Tide is 4-0 ATS in their last 4 games on field-turf, 5-2 in their last 7 games vs. ACC, 4-1 in their last 5 neutral-site games, and 2-5 in their last 7 overall games.

I'm not here to say the College Football Playoff needs to be abolished.

- No. 4 Alabama (11-1) vs. In addition, nine FCS conferences received about $2.43 million previous year, including Jacksonville State's Ohio Valley Conference. No. 6 Wisconsin (12-1): Large bruises. Clemson and Venables are 2-0 versus Oklahoma. He loves the big game, and what's bigger than Alabama? This fury would emanate from. wait. checking the map here. Then this fury would go beyond, to those outside Pennsylvania who might have lived or studied in Pennsylvania. "They are going to do what they think is right regardless if you agree or disagree", ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit said following the shocking reveal. Alabama-Ohio State wouldn't have been a discussion if not for a 31-point loss to Iowa on November 4. Penn State travels to Pitt, and Michigan State to Arizona State the following week.

But what got lost in the Ohio State-Alabama hubbub was the fact that the importance of the regular season was already negated this season under this structure. Last year's playoff teams collected $6 million to be divided by their conferences. Should the selection committee have picked Ohio State, the Big Ten champion?

The two-team playoff nearly always did the best job of crowning the actual best team in the country.

What if there weren't conference championships? Everyone just values them to different degrees. Yet Ohio State's national championship in 2014 hasn't changed the perception that much. Chances are with a month to prepare and heal they will perform well against #1 Clemson in a rematch of last years title game (that Alabama lost). This was out-and-out, to borrow a word from the late Molly Ivins, horsepucky. Selection committee chairman Kirby Hocutt said his group liked Alabama's "full body of work" over Ohio State's and he pointedly said that Alabama had been ranked above OSU every week. It doesn't. Yet, with automatic bids for conference champions, it would have received one.

It's time to give more deserving teams a shot at the championship and embrace the madness of college football. Everyone still talks about conference championships. When the conference commissioners were putting the playoff together, ensuring only conference champions would be included was considered.

However this year, none of that matters and the CFP Committee put the Crimson Tide in just because they "like them more".

Not finished yet when finishing would have helped, Edsall supplied a hashtag with this nugget: #AllAboutTheMoney.

But it wasn't all about Ohio State's stumble. The state of Alabama, the nation's 24th-most populous, has a population of 4.9 million.

That's doesn't lessen Ohio State's disappointment. The other two power 5 conferences were won by USC (PAC 12) and Ohio State (BIG10).

It's always puzzling when an exercise that's #AllAboutTheMoney chooses the lesser amount of money.

The committee that chose college football's final four had a rough assignment this season. It might. For now, let's hear that most reasonable voice make reasonable suggestions for the reasonable meantime.

Isn't that we play the game in the first place?

An eight-team field would nearly always guarantee that the deserving teams will have a chance to play for the title. "You have the ACC champion most likely going to the playoff, the SEC champion most likely going to the playoff and the Big 12 champion potentially could be going to the playoff", James said.

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