Bath Spa University chief paid more than £800000 in final year

Lester Mason
December 7, 2017

ONE of Britain's smallest and lowest-ranked universities paid its vice chancellor £808,000 a year ago, sparking an outcry from critics as it emerged yesterday.

Christina Slade, who was vice-chancellor of Bath Spa University until August 2017, was paid a salary of £250,000 in 2016-17, but received an additional £429,000 as "compensation for loss of office", the university's latest financial statements show.

Bath Spa stated it had taken legal advice and paid "a sum which reflected her contractual and statutory entitlements and was considered to represent value for money".

There were also pension contributions of £89,000.

He said: "There should be an independent inquiry into top university pay and a cap of £200,000 on all university administrators' salaries".

A Bath Spa spokesperson said that Professor Slade, a professor of media theory, had "stood down" as vice-chancellor last summer after "more than five years of distinguished service".

The new disclosures went ahead the day it rose the retirement terms of Britain's most generously compensated bad habit chancellor are being researched by a guard dog.

The University of Bath endured weeks of controversy over the £468,000 it paid to its vice-chancellor, Glynis Breakwell, making her the highest-paid head of a university, until she announced her intention to resign last month.

Union leaders representing rank and file lecturers and staff said the steady stream of revelations and complaints were symptomatic of a lack of transparency in the setting of vice-chancellor pay.

"We are seeing what happens when choices are taken in mystery without appropriate balanced governance", she included.

UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said that when it came to senior pay in colleges "numerous bad habit chancellors and ranking staff appear as though they are living on an alternate planet".

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