Bigg Boss 11: Adorable moment! Vikas Gupta hugs Shilpa Shinde's mother

Angelo Anderson
December 7, 2017

Surprisingly, her friend on the show Vikas Gupta is also seen crying while they were having a mother-daughter moment. Hina, Luv and Arshi are in the running for the ace position and try to put their best foot forward to prove that they can be the next leader of the house. Simultaneously, Hina Khan and Puneesh laugh at Arshi's act.

In the task, as soon as the buzzer rings, the housemates should run to park their pushcart. But Hina shouts for Hiten to go. When she starts yelling at Vikas and Hiten, former tells her that she, too, had obstructed Luv's pram from parking and had spoiled his (Vikas) chance of becoming a captain. Akash told her that even Hiten had been calling him 'loser and he had not responded to it. Akash then forced a kiss on her and she responded, "Maar khaega!"

Hina and Vikas began fighting over Hina's disqualification from captaincy task and Bigg Boss had to intervene. But Luv and Priyank enter into an argument which is later on controlled by Hina Khan. Vikas tells her that if she becomes the captain, then she has to save Puneesh from nominations.

Later, Puneesh tells Shilpa that there are two love stories going in the house.

Hina expresses her desires to become house captain.

Later, Vikas again plays a mastermind game against Arshi along with Puneesh and Hiten. Hina continues screaming at both, and tells Hiten that he didn't have a spine and that he followed Vikas's orders.

Meanwhile, Hina tells Arshi that because of Luv she will become a captain but Vikas will take full credit for it.

Accidentally, these developments make Arshi a strong contender for captaincy.

Later, Hiten says to Vikas that because of him, he heard bad words from Hina. There is a heated argument between Akash and Hiten when Akash calls Hiten a loser. Arshi doesn't appreciate this and gets into an argument with Vikas. However, Shilpa stops Akash from arguing.

In a video clip on Voot, Shilpa can be seen engaging in some light banter with Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani where she shares some cute memories of her family. Shilpa asked her mom as to did she think Shilpa was a lion? However, Akash later apologised to her but she kept a distance.

In the end, Arshi threatens everyone to be nice to her as she is the captain and calls Hiten "Hitto baby and Hickey".

Bigg Boss 11 house is taking new twists and turns.

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