Capcom announces Devil May Cry HD Collection

Mindy Sparks
December 7, 2017

Capcom has announced that Devil May Cry HD Collection will be heading to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 13th, 2018 for $29.99 both digitally and at retail.

The Devil May Cry HD Collection brings together the first three Devil May Cry games (sorry DmC and Devil May Cry 4) into one handy package. Expect 60 frames per second gameplay, Capcom said. Time will tell. Either way, we're getting a nice collection of three good games early next year. There's no firm United Kingdom price as yet. It stars Dante, the cocky son of the demon Sparda and the human Eva, as well as his younger twin brother Vergil.

Taking place after the events of the first Devil May Cry, this sequel strives for a more cinematic look and feel to combat, changing things up in how the camera behaves, but also taking extreme care to make the animations more natural and fluid.

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