China's Xi says country will not close door to global internet

Lloyd Doyle
December 7, 2017

According to Reuters, Xi noted that China is "entering a fast lane" in its online development, so its doors will "only become more and more open" over the next few years.

China ranked 23rd for cybersecurity and 27th for infrastructure, with both categories headed by Singapore, which according to the report offers the most stable mobile broadband connections and provides 82 per cent 4G coverage.

This year's conference will further facilitate discussion and dialogues on the digital economy, cutting-edge technologies, internet and society, cyberspace governance, and exchanges and cooperation in 21 sessions.

Cyber sovereignty is the idea that states should be permitted to manage and contain their own internet without external interference. The report also calls for a more "democratic" internet governance system for the country to remove inequalities. The World Internet Conference is spearheaded by the Cyberspace Administration of China and largely viewed as a way for the country to promote its version of a censored and controlled internet...

Locally, the country's internet governance initiatives include stricter censorship and surveillance which now includes news outlets, individuals and social media. The Cyberspace Administration of China said the new measures, which include increased surveillance of messaging apps and tighter controls on the use of virtual private networks, were created to maintain social order and protect socialist values. The ruling Communist party has also imposed stringent regulations on foreign Internet companies that force them to store Chinese data inside the country. However, business organization expressed that the laws treat foreign firms unfairly.

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