First US baby born after uterus transplant

Leslie Hanson
December 7, 2017

The first birth following uterus transplantation occurred in September 2014 by a 35-year-old woman who received the womb of a 61-year-old woman.

A womb transplant program at Baylor has been under way since a year ago, and surgeons there have completed eight in a medical trial of 10 transplants, according to Time.

Dr Liza Johannesson, a transplant surgeon at Baylor who was also part of the team that performed the first womb transplants in Sweden, told Time magazine that veteran surgeons were crying when the child was born.

Experts agree results of the clinical trial could help women who are born without a uterus, lost their uterus or no longer possess function of the female organ. In October 2016, the hospital said four women had received transplants but that three of the wombs had to be removed because of poor blood flow. The wombs are not meant to be permanent.

For the first time in the United States, a woman with a transplanted uterus gave birth, officials at a Dallas hospital said.

That means the patient doesn't have to spend a lifetime taking powerful drugs that suppress her immune system, which would put her at risk for unsafe long-term complications.

Baylor University released video of the birth of the baby boy, delivered in a scheduled C-section.

The first birth as a result of a womb transplant in the United States has occurred in Texas, a milestone for the US but one achieved several years ago in Sweden.

After that, she receives a uterus and cervix transplant from the donor.

Baylor officials said Monday that eight transplants have been performed and that one of those women now is pregnant as a result. Medical specialists say more than 160 people reached out to Baylor about the trial. The ones done in Sweden were from live donors, mostly from the recipients' mother or a sister.

According to reports from Baylor University Medical Center, a Dallas mother gave birth by Caesarean to the first baby born from a transplanted uterus in the United States. "What I've learned emotionally, I do not have the words to describe".

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