Georgia man says deputy shot his dog, ordered him to behead it

Lester Mason
December 7, 2017

That's where the responding deputy saw Big Boy, a black and white pitbull mix.

But it is unbelievable of for a pet owner to be forced to remove his dog's head.

Bangs, in town visiting a friend, was taken to a Peach County hospital where she was treated for puncture wounds.

Crawford County Sheriff Lewis Walker says Friday afternoon one of his deputies responded to a call about a dog bite.

The dog died and an argument followed between the deputy and Joe Goodwin, the dog's owner. I cannot take this scene out of my mind " The Sheriff's office has begun an investigation into the incident, and Goodwin says he plans to sue the police.

Dead animals are check for rabies by removing and checking the brain. After allegedly killing Goodwin's pet, police are accused of telling Goodwin to cut off the dog's head so it could be tested for rabies.

When asked Tuesday what options were given to him for handling his dead dog, Goodwin told 13WMAZ that he was told he could take the dog to the vet for rabies testing or he could remove the head. The 46-year-old was at the house across the street from Goodwin's, rolling a trash bin down the driveway, when the dog reportedly attacked, according to Crawford County Deputy Wesley Neesmith's write-up of the incident.

Goodwin started recording video of the encounter on his phone. "I will cut the head off and get it to you", Goodwin can he heard saying in the video. Another officer told him, 'you can be charged with disorderly conduct'.

"You and you leave!" he says pointing at the officers.

He says Investigator Hollis met the deputy at the scene.

Hollis warned: "I will take you to jail and charge you".

Goodwin, who still appeared to be in shock over the weird request, replied: "I ain't got a ... knife to cut" the head off'.

"He went to make contact with the owner of the dog and when he pulled into the drive way and got out of the vehicle that same dog approached him again in an aggressive manner", said Walker. And you deny, right?

The other officer then jumped in, adding: "If you would just listen, we don't know this process either". Goodwin, though stunned and shocked, found the courage to record his controversy with the police when he refused to cut his dog head.

The footage allegedly captured Crawford County Investigator James Hollis instructing Goodwin to cut the dog's head off so it could be tested for rabies.

Walker says they are still investigating what happened, but he says as he understands it.

If not, Sheriff Walker says it's still up to the Health Department to deal with but by looking at the video that doesn't seem to be what happened.

Shockingly, they then ordered grieving Joe owner to decapitate the canine so its head could be sent for rabies testing - even though Big Boy was fully vaccinated against the deadly disease.

When Goodwin demanded to know what Hollis planned to charge him with, the officer initially replied that he'd tell him when they got to the police station.

Walker said Tuesday that his office is still investigating what Hollis said.

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