Hearse Drops Body Bag Which Rolls Down The Street

Lester Mason
December 7, 2017

Captured in Auckland, New Zealand, the driver who captured the video said they believed the bag did contain a dead body.

Davis Funerals managing director Craig Little told NZME there was no body inside at the time - although he can "understand why people might think" there was.

The motorist said he was "shocked at the sight" and had assumed at first that a heavy item had fallen from the back of the auto before realising it was a hearse and body stretcher.

Drivers at the intersection of Sandringham and Balmoral Roads yesterday were shocked to see the vehicle turning the corner with its boot open and a gurney rolling behind with what appeared to be a corpse under a blanket.

The hearse driver rushes to collect the stretcher.

"We have a vinyl square pillow to lay people's head and at the foot-end of that stretcher there is a metal bar that can look like people's feet", he told the NZ Herald.

The funeral company whose hearse flew open sending a stretcher flying across a busy Auckland intersection yesterday is reassuring the public there was no body inside.

A nearby petrol station worker, who was serving a customer and got distracted by the noise of the gurney falling on the road, also believed there was a body on the gurney.

Following closely behind is what the motorist thought was a body wrapped in a black body bag on a gurney.

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The hearse will be assessed to ensure the door works properly and the funeral home is reviewing its procedures "to make sure this can never ever happen again", he said.

When he began to drive off at the intersection the gurney fell out.

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