Huckabee: 'Angry, Bitter' Chelsea Handler Jealous of My Daughter

Lester Mason
December 7, 2017

Handler, in an episode of "Chelsea" that aired Friday, overtly mocked Sanders' appearance.

"One day she has no makeup on at all - the next day [she has] six-foot-long eyelashes and cleavage and [expletive] lipstick all over her face". Can you believe what they turned her into?

She ripped Handler for calling herself a feminist and then personally attacking women who happen to hold different political views.

"And she is, you know, she's just, uh, she's just there", Parker continued "She's lar-I have to watch my descriptors here because I don't want to say anything physically insulting but she is, um, you know, she provides a, uh, barrier, essentially, between the American public and White House".

Huckabee said that he feels "sad" for Handler, and made a what appeared to be backhanded comment about her age.

"We don't have to go physical in any way to observe that this is a very formidable person at the microphone", Ashbrook said.

"When I saw the pies on her table I thought, 'She has to be kidding me, '" Sweet Lady Jane bakery owner Jane Lockhart told the Daily News. "In many ways, she is jealous of my daughter".

Huckabee, 62, added that Handler, at 42, is "almost as old as me", and is at the "part of her life [where] she needs to start mellowing out", but instead, she "seems to be enraged".

"My daughter has a husband who loves her and is wonderful to her", Huckabee explained. I feel sad for Chelsea Handler.

"I feel she lashes out at a life that she just doesn't understand and has never been able to embrace", said Huckabee. No reason to be angry. You know, pray for her that she will find some peace because she doesn't have it right now.

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