Sia Opens Up About "Feeling Responsible" For Teen Dance Prodigy Maddie Ziegler

Angelo Anderson
December 7, 2017

The singer said this is "an important conversation" to be had, regarding young stars in the spotlight.

Maddie was eight when she started appearing in Lifetime's reality series Dance Moms in 2011. Since beginning work with Sia, Ziegler has starred in videos for Sia's songs "Chandelier" (which has over 1.7 billion views), "Elastic Heart", "Big Girls Cry", "Cheap Thrills", "The Greatest" and more. She is now touring with the 41-year-old from Adelaide.

In a time where people's safety - especially women's and children's - is a very public concern, the dialogue opened by both Malkin and Sia herself appears a productive one. "Not just myself but all directors, stage parents and agents with their children, clients, charges", Sia wrote on Twitter.

The exchange is indeed respectful, but Sia doesn't fully explain what she means, for example when she says "fame affected her differently than how it affected me" she doesn't elaborate how the experience has been different for Ziegler. If that changes, we stop'.

"The grown-up who has seen what fame can do and fears it has, perhaps unwittingly, handed it over to the child instead", writes Malkin.

Sia has said she will halt her working relationship with teenage dancer Maddie Ziegler if the youngster ever wants it to stop, while defending her choice to use her as her muse.

The author of the artist Bonnie Malkin had seen Sia along with Maddie in concert in Australia this past weekend.

"[Sia] herself might not be willing to marry fame but standing on the stage in front of us, she seemed to be officiating another a minor who is yet to learn about, or tame, the monster". "'So when I met her I was 'Wow, she's so incredible".

See her tweets below.

Maddie's performance in Chandelier has been viewed nearly 1.7 billion times since it was released in 2014.

Furler began working with Ziegler after spotting her on the United States show Dance Moms and the teenager has now appeared in six music videos, live TV performances and a global tour as what Malkin called the "the fury and the face" of Furler's music. Things I had never dreamed of feeling insecure about.

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