Taliban's "Red Unit" commander for Helmand Province killed

Lester Mason
December 7, 2017

Mullah Shah Wali's death will disrupt the Taliban network, degrade their narcotics trafficking, and hinder their ability to conduct attacks against Afghan forces.

Taliban's "Red Unit" commander in Helmand province, Mullah Shah Wali, aka Haji Nasir, was killed in a kinetic strike in Musa Qal'ah, Helmand, Dec. 1, 2017.

The US also announced the death of the leader of the "Red Unit" - the Taliban's "special forces" in Helmand, a southern province where insurgents control ten of its 14 districts.

A USA official told CNN that operations in Ghazni Province on Monday resulted in the death of senior al-Qaida leader Omar Khetab, who was responsible for advising the Taliban on rockets and mortars to use against Afghan troops and other forces.

As part of his strategy, President Trump authorized Nicholson to target the Taliban's opium fields, marking a significant departure from previous administrations.

At the end of November, the Americans began a series of raids against heroin laboratories in Helmand.

Speaking to reporters in Brussels, Stoltenberg said " I support the message from United States, from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which we convey together, and that is that we need to strengthen our military presence with more trainers, with more advice, strengthen our trainer system, advice mission in Afghanistan to break the stalemate, to enable the Afghan Forces to regain territory, to send a clear message to the Taliban and to the terrorists that they will not win on the battlefield.

"He was directly involved in fighting against the Afghan government and foreign troops and had a role in advising in the use of heavy weapons such as rockets, mortars and training for Taliban night attacks", the United States command's statement added.

Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) said in a statement that Khetab was among 81 al-Qaida and Taliban members killed during recent joint Afghan and coalition operations.

"This operation is a testament to the real growth the Afghan forces have achieved over the past year", Nicholson added.

The ANDSF includes both military and police units. Khetab is known as the second most senior leader of al-Qaida on the Indian Subcontinent.

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