Warning that your Christmas tree could spark a house fire

Lester Mason
December 7, 2017

The London Fire Brigade warned: "Check your Christmas tree lights are in good condition and turn them off before you go to bed".

The thing about Christmas trees is that they are trees-and if they get dry enough, they are less festive emblems than kindling awaiting a spark.

A dramatic video showing the effects faulty lights can have on a dry tree has been released by firefighters.

Mr Goss said the trio were altered to the fire by smoke alarms. "And then whatever lights you chose to use, you want to make sure that they are UL listed and make sure that they are in good fix".

"We believe the fire was caused by a failure of the small connection box on a Christmas lights set which has caused it to heat up and catch fire".

"We see all the time where people have more things plugged into the outlet than it is created to have, and that's where a lot of folks tend to get into trouble". The one on the left is a watered, fresh tree; the one on the right is dried out.

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