WWE NXT Results (12/6/17)): The Era Of Almas Begins

Mindy Sparks
December 7, 2017

William Regal starts us off in his office. New NXT champion Andrade "Cien" Almas is planning on celebrating his tile win tonight, but who will his first defense for the title with Drew McIntyre injured? Over the next four weeks, there will be four singles matches. Vega tells us to get on our feet while Almas says he told us all so. Trent Seven will face Killian Dain. Regal says he has found a suitable replacement. She says we're all witnesses to a historic championship reign. She wants us to embrace the legend that is Almas.

Almas takes the mic and he thanks Zelina. Part of the promo is in Spanish, so it's hard to understand.

- Lars Sullivan meeting with the media outside the PC earlier in the day. He's only concerned with the NXT Title in Philadelphia.

Seven comes out firing and gets stopped by a forearm. A second attempt at the lariat gets two but Dane is right back up with a backsplash into a Vader Bomb to end Seven at 3:13. Dain does not really move after the chops so Seven with a kick and DDT. The Seven Stars lariat is cut off with a crossbody for two more. Seven is scooped up and slammed to the mat. Dain counters, lifts Seven, deposits him on the ring and crushes him with a senton.

We are back and next week Aleister Black faces Adam Cole next week. Adam says that they rule the system. DeVille tosses Riott across the ring and follows with a gut wrench suplex. Front face lock and another rag doll throw. Riott using strikes to get out of trouble and hits a lovely snap suplex. Ruby lays into her in to corner and follows with a snap suplex. Ruby connects with a series of lariats and a back elbow. Sonya gets Ruby to the mat momentarily. Ruby reaches the ropes, but it doesn't matter in this kind of match. Riott goes for her trademark kick and gets caught by an ankle lock by Deville. Riott uses the ropes to get herself up and break the hold. Sonya with a round kick and she follows with a running knee to the ribs. Ruby follows with forearms in the corner. Sonya with forearms to Ruby. Ruby with a clothesline followed by an elbow and a knee. He catches Gargano and lands a straight right elbow that knocks Johnny off the apron as we go to break. She makes the ropes anyway and uses them to sneak out of the hold. Deville is actually the first back to the ring and catches Riott in a triangle draped over the bottom rope. Ruby gets choked out. Also announced is a non-title match between NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon and Peyton Royce. The Iconic Duo come in to ask a question. Billie takes a microphone and conducts the interview. Riott selling the leg as we go to break. Ember says she'll be ready for whichever one it is next week.

Ember says she would love to face Peyton but she asks who will she face next.

Kyle O'Reilly mentions that they face Sanity in two weeks and they will win the titles.

- Quick history lesson on the WWE UK Title. Tyler Bate won in a ****1/2 match.

The fans are hype for this. Killian Dain and Kassius Ohno vs. They shake hands to another pop. Lock up and Ohno simply dumps Gargano. Ohno with a back senton and Gargano goes to the apron. Ohno grounds him to escape but ends up back in the wristlock. Johnny pulls him into a bridging pin for two. Gargano looks for the slingshot spear and hits it this go round. Gargano with forearms but Ohno with a punch. Exposed knee drops from the bigger competitor as Gargano checks his eyes and nose for broken bones and blood.

Back with Ohno dropping a knee to the face with the knee pad pulled down. Side kick by Johnny. Ohno hits a big elbow for two. Johnny Wrestling blocks a senton and then floats over on a suplex. Garagano with a kick and a rana off the turnbuckles and an enzuigiri to send Ohno to the floor. He tries a pescado but Ohno slides in. Gargano hits the slingshot spear.

Gargano with boots to Ohno's head and Ohno wants more. He looks to dive but Johnny slide in. He hits a suicide dive and flows into a DDT, smashing Ohno into the ramp.

We are back and Ohno kicks Gargano in the corner.

Gargano sends Ohno back into the ring and he hits a running enzuigiri but Ohno with a cyclone kick for a near fall.

However, the injuries are not serious, but the WWE has chose to give both men some time off. Gargano backs into the corner and Ohno with a forearm. He gets him up in the Electric Chair, but Johnny elbows free. Gargano with forearms to Ohno but Ohno with a boot to the head and Gargano goes down. Ohno tells Gargano to slap him and Gargano does it but Ohno with a running elbow for a near fall.

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